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Welcome to Ulterior Motive

Ulterior Motive was founded by a group of friends that wanted to have fun playing a video game. Meeting new people along the way, and making some new friends. We love to have a good laugh...sometimes at each others expense, but all in the name of a good time to be had by all.

Some of us have been playing MMO's for years now, while others are getting their cherry popped with Rift. We don't frown on those that don't know EVERYTHING about the game, nor do we really desire to hear some elitest asshat talk down at someone because they asked a question. 

Our main focus is simple: to enjoy a game that we all like. Be it Questing, PvE, PvP, Raiding, Instances...we're into having fun. We'll help with that Quest that's been a pain in your ass, as well as get a group together to go run a Dungeon. Some dude in a Warfront making your life hell? We've got your back. Trying to get your Crafting skills up? We'll help you get the mats you need to make it happen.

To be apart of something with a larger picture, but not get left-out on an individual level.

If you want to join a Guild but are worried about not having enough time, being on every day for hours on end, not being able to get help or getting flamed for asking a 'stupid question', we may be the Guild for you.

We have a dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server that we use for easier communication, as well as just shooting the breeze. 

This webpage is a work-in-progress, so bare with us while we get everything situated. In the meantime, drop by the forums and give us a shout!
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Guild Portal is UP!

nine9six, Mar 4, 11 9:04 PM.
Guild Portal site went live today. Many updates forthcoming!
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Recruiting is open to any person who's looking for a fun group of dedicated players to game with. We're not "elitest", nor are looking for only high-level people. As long as you like to have fun playing a video game, and conduct yourself in a mature manner, you're welcomed by us!
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